Homemade Acne Treatment

Homemade Acne Treatment

Natural treatments to get rid of Acne and associated stigmas

Homemade acne treatment is much more effective than most of the over the counter products available for acne treatment. These products not only dig deep into the pockets of users but also expose the skin to harmful chemicals that actually ruin the skin and face as well. Different effective natural remedies can be found in our own kitchen and not at the medical stores. One needs to understand the cause of acne and then attack them one by one with proper acne diet, exercise and good sleep.

First it is a matter of discipline by sleeping for the rite amount of time, keeping you hydrated (drinking at least 8 glasses of water during the day), doing regular exercise and taking healthy vitamin rich diet. To start with homemade acne treatment one should eat yogurt daily as yogurt kills bacteria that cause infections leading to acne. Another cause of acne is a diet lacking in vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E and Pantothenic Acid. These vitamins are vital in containing the growth of bacteria clogging skin oils causing infection. Clogging of skin oils is one of the major causes of Acne.

Acne Cure – Effective Solutions

Homemade Acne TreatmentFor effective homemade acne treatment one should clean the skin with lemon. Citric acid in lemon kills harmful bacteria. Alcohol is another good cleaning agent for skin. Skin should be cleaned with cotton ball immersed in Alcohol on the onset of acne or pimples. But excessive use of alcohol can make the skin very dry and cause irritations, so alcohol should not be used more than once daily. Since in homemade acne treatment there are not much chemicals working on the elimination of bacteria from skin, the skin should be washed 3- 4 times daily.

Other acne treatment is application of various homemade pastes to be applied on the skin. Orange peel paste can clean the skin of harmful bacteria. Oatmeal paste when applied on the skin can take out the oil and other taints in the skin. The skin should be cleaned with cold water after oatmeal paste application. Baking soda mixed with water and applied over skin in the form of paste for around 15 minutes can exfoliate the skin. Paste made up of honey and grated apple applied and left to dry on the skin is another method of homemade acne treatment. This paste shall be washed off after approx 20 minutes with warm water.

Number of experts in homemade acne treatment suggests the use of natural herbs to treat acne at very early stage. Herbs like sarsaparilla, yellow dock and burdock can check pimples very early. A sudden outbreak in acne can be stopped with tea tree oil. Being excellent antiseptic tea tree oil provides a good remedy to acne.

Acne Treatment and Aloe Vera

Homemade Acne TreatmentAloe Vera is another effective natural method of healing acne spots and acne marks. Aloe Vera due to its healing properties is being used since ancient times to cure different skin ailments. Aloe Vera is very useful in preventing further marks and scars.

These  acne treatments have been very effective and are proven way of treatment. Number people have befitted from these treatments. Enough care (consistency, application time, regular water intake etc.) must be taken while following the regime for expected results. So one should try different ways of  acne treatments before using medicine for acne cure. More  Acne Treatments read here

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